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Weekly News Nov. 10: Complex Problems are Solvable

I loved math in school: it taught me logic – how to take the most complex problems and break them down into their logical parts. Solve for the parts, aggregate and develop a comprehensive solution. Here’s a complex problem:

  1. Gender inequality and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) are intrinsically linked – we will not achieve Gender Equality without addressing SGBV.

  2. Climate change and extreme poverty are intrinsically linked.

  3. Climate change and extreme poverty, individually as well as collectively, are linked to SGBV, which is intrinsically linked to the lack of gender equality.

This week’s news underscored how interrelated these issues are – yet they are solvable!

By taking a holistic approach that addresses these interconnected problems with specific, impactful programs, we can solve these issues within a generation.

My favorite uplifting quote of the possible and true was: “We are the generation that will end FGM and gender inequality.” Dr. Bannet Ndyanabangi – UNFPA.

Join in – we are ALL part of this generation!


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