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Community leaders and children gathering together Courtesy of Mekuno Project partner WorldVision.

Mission, Vision & Values

Celebration ceremony for graduation/alternative rites of passage courtesy of Mekuno Project partner WorldVision.

Our Mission

We support solutions that work. By connecting and funding projects that eliminate the root causes of FGM and child marriage in Kenya, the conditions are set for hope-filled futures to flourish.

Our Vision

Mekuno Project envisions a gender-equitable world where every girl has agency to live a hope-filled future of her own design.

Our Values

We believe in integrity, transparency, and respect. We are self-funded so that 100 percent of funds raised go towards direct programming to eliminating FGM and child marriage and empowering women and girls in Kenya.

Message from CEO and Co-Founder Margo Day

In 2009, I had the privilege of meeting 34 incredibly brave young girls at a World Vision Rescue Center and elementary school in West Pokot, Kenya. These young girls had run away from home to escape child marriage and the cut. They had left everything they had ever known for the chance at an education, and the chance of a hope-filled future. 


I felt as though I was witnessing a miracle. It was a life-altering experience that made me acutely aware of my position of privilege, and I felt a call to action. I became an advocate and donor for World Vision, and decided to dedicate my life to supporting organizations who work to empower women and girls throughout Kenya. For me, that call was spiritual. But this issue of ending child marriage and FGM is larger than just me. 


I established the Mekuno Project as a vehicle for advocacy for a coalition of organizations with proven track-records to eliminate child marriage and FGM within a generation, and empower women and girls to be agents of their own futures. Our hope is to bring together a coalition of organizations to change the lives of women and girls for the better. We envision a world in which women and girls are valued and unafraid. But in order to achieve this goal, we all must work together. 


We hope to partner with local and international non-governmental organizations with proven track records to highlight their successes, serve as their advocates, fundraise on their behalf, and share best practices. 


That is why 100% of your donations go directly towards supporting these projects in the field. We are able to do this because we are a self-funded organization: our only goal is to devote all the resources we can towards this one crucial facet of achieving gender equality. We believe that with the right resources, together we can end FGM and child marriage in Kenya within a generation.

Message from CEO and Co-Founder
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