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Creating Tangible Hope

In our daily lives, people think of 'hope' as a wish for something that might come true. For those living in extreme poverty, daily life revolves around simply surviving to see the next day. To hope or to dream is beyond reality—the need to survive takes all the energy they have.

For us, 'hope' is not a wish, it is an expectation something will happen. In our work, we make hope tangible, with concrete impacts on the young girls and women we serve. By creating opportunities for girls and women to succeed, they can dream of better futures, and more importantly, have the tools to create those better futures.

Two years ago, World Vision Kenya sat down with four remarkable young girls in West Pokot, Kenya who had run away from home to escape FGM and child marriage.

Their drive, spirit, and resilience were apparent as they told their stories, but so too was their exhaustion and lingering fear.

Four Girls, One Shared Story

This year, World Vision had the opportunity to sit down with three of these girls again to see how their lives had changed since arriving at St. Elizabeth's, and what their dreams are for the future.

To see that same drive, spirit, and resilience mixed with joy instead of fear—words cannot describe their transformation, and the tangible hope for their futures they now have.

I invite you to listen to their stories, and how they dared to dream of futures they design.

3 Girls, Today

Thanks to the support provided for their education and well-being, Irene, Rovina, Vivian, and hundreds of girls like them are thriving.

For more inspiring stories of how girls and their communities have been impacted by interventions from our implementing partners, click here.


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