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Mekuno Project Giving Tuesday Campaign Logo reading "Giving Tuesday: You can help girls thrive in futures they design" with a girl sitting in a field smiling and the Mekuno Project logo.
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Together we can end female genital mutilation and child marriage within a generation.

Your donations can give girls the tools they need to live hope-filled futures. 

Learn how.

There's still time to donate to help us meet our goal of $5,000!

Our Story

We support holistic solutions to eliminate the root causes of FGM and child marriage. Our work focuses on quality education, child protection and voice, community transformation, and economic empowerment.

In Kenya, one in 5 girls undergoes FGM or child marriage, and in some ethnic groups, those numbers are as high as 9 in 10 girls. The two practices sometimes go hand in hand, but even when they don't, the reasons behind them are similar and rooted in extreme poverty. Families receive a higher bride price for a cut girl, and in some places, marrying a girl off early is the norm, and can be the difference between survival and starvation for desperate families.

Every girl deserves the chance to live a hope-filled future of her own design. Lilian is a perfect example of why our work is so crucial:

But we cannot do this by simply getting rid of the practices. When the problem is deep-rooted, solutions must be comprehensive to result in sustainable change.

In the areas where our partner organizations have implemented this holistic approach, we have seen rates of FGM and child marriage go from 95% to less than 10% in fifteen years. Systemic change is possible within a generation.

Mekuno Project Dollar Handles showing what different amounts can do. $15 dollars can pay for a dignity kit. $75 can provide seed money to a Savings4Transformation group. $120 can send a child through an Alternative Rite of Passage. $300 can cover a girl's school fees for an entire year. $550 can provide 3 farmers with alternative livelihoods.

Your donations allow us to provide girls with school fees, pay for skills-training and entrepreneurship classes, educate community members on the dangers of FGM, and much more.

Image of the Mekuno Project Four Pillars: Quality Education, Child Protection and Voice, Community Transformation, and Economic Empowerment.


An elder woman in traditional dress, a custodian of culture who is vital to engage for community transformation, one of Mekuno Project's four pillars.
A girl smiling holding up her alternative rite of passage certificate, an initiative supported by Mekuno Project.
A group of women showing the backs of their T-shirts which read, "We are champions." referring to being anti-FGM champions. Courtesy of Mekuno Project partner WorldVision
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Dollar Handles
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